Y Bryn

Onshore wind farm

Project Documents​

This page will be kept updated with project documents and further information as it becomes available.

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Statutory Consultation – June/July 2023

Information and documents available for download/viewing are listed below. Please note that the statutory consultation period has now closed, however we are always happy to discuss the proposals with you and answer questions about the plans.

Note: Click the links on the documents listed below to view the documents. Each ‘Environmental Statement Volume’ links to a folder containing individual files. Should you have any difficulty navigating or viewing any of these files, contact a member of the team and we will assist you.

Statutory Consultation Materials

Phase 2 Consultation – October/November 2021

Information and documents available for download will be listed below.

Phase 1 Consultation – June/July 2021

Our first phase of consultation has now closed, however you can still view the information that was presented by downloading the documents below. 

Please click the links below to download currently available documents from our Phase One Consultation:

 Note: These documents contain information that has been superseded. Latest information on the proposals is available in Phase 2 Consultation materials, shown above.